2014 Destination Survey Info


Are you worried that there aren’t teaching jobs out there for you after you finish the internship? Ever wonder what happens to your response information after filling out the MSU Destination Survey?

Guess what? Spartan Teachers do get jobs! In fact our teacher placement after the internship is better than nearly all other teacher preparation schools. Maybe it’s because we’re the best; maybe we’re the most properly trained; maybe we just know how to work it in an interview. Whatever the reason you don’t need to worry…but you do need to spend this year planning and preparing your search strategy and communication materials. Thankfully, this blog will contain resources to help you with that.

The information in the Destination Survey – which you will receive after the internship – is used to share program placement data with the public. But don’t worry, no individual information is shared without your permission. Check out the documents in this blog to find out about the placements of Spartan Teachers who finished in May 2014. Click here for a more detailed report.

2014-15 Teaching Interns: It’s time to take the Destination Survey to let us know before the new year what you’re up to. Can’t log in? Once your certification is processed you should be able to access the survey.

2015-16 Interns: Get ready for your survey to come via email Summer 2016!

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