Your Online Image

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Have you ever Googled yourself?

I’m serious. Google yourself. Do you like what personal or professional image you see? (P.S. Be sure to look past the first page)

For me, if one can get past the web sites leading to information on the very famous 80s rap group Salt N Pepa, they will see that Pepa (the real person, not the entertainer…or the pig for that matter) is a professional person clearly associated with Michigan State University and the College of Education/Career Services. I work hard to keep my online image *mostly* professional and consistent by using the same appropriate picture and professional name & title in all of my work-related web and social media spaces.

And what about my personal social media? I keep that on lock down, my friends. I don’t want my college student friends to come finding out about the real me! Just kidding. Truth be told, I’m very careful with what I post online period. It’s not worth it to put something out there that I wouldn’t want my students, my boss, or my grandma to see.

Here is a pretty descriptive resource to help you keep up your online image appropriate and friendly:

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