Best Practices: Teaching Portfolio

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Your teaching portfolio. You’ve heard about it, you’ve seen examples, and hopefully you’ve attempted to start, but here are a few tips that will help you continuously develop your portfolio and professional brand throughout your internship year. 

Although your portfolio is a requirement of finishing your internship coursework, it can also be purposefully used in the job search, interview process, and at career fairs. Both paper and online portfolios require a lot of effort and updating, but their results can be extremely beneficially as it becomes a way to provide a first impression to an employer. Here are some tips for developing the most effective portfolio:

Remember your BRAND

  • As an example, if you are branding yourself as an educator who effectively integrates technology in the classroom, make sure you include lessons in your portfolio that serve as proof of this. In other words, provide evidence of your best skills.
  • Creating a brand requires consistency. If you can, try to use similar headings, examples, and resources throughout your paper and online portfolios. It will also make your portfolio more organized and easier to follow.

Collect examples AND student work

  • You will need to provide evidence of your work, so stay organized and start collecting at the beginning of the school year!
  • Ask students if you can utilize their work in your portfolio and keep all well-wishes and letters of thanks from parents, students, and administrators to showcase (you may want to omit names for privacy).
  • Remember to include additional pieces such as  your resume, letters of recommendation, teaching philosophy, and maybe even some pictures of you on the job!

Prepare your portfolio for an interview

  • The goal of a portfolio is to serve as evidence of your skills, so think of how you will utilize your portfolio in an interview to show your best assets as a potential teacher.
  • Look out for other blog articles in the future on how to use your portfolio in the interview process. Hint: there will be one coming out soon!

Although it may seem tedious now, having either a paper and online portfolio (or both!) will help you make a great first impression, show your knowledge of relevant teaching-related skills, and show your personality and uniqueness as a teacher.

Remember, when doing this for your class assignment be sure to follow the guidelines set by your instructor 🙂

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