Tips for the Michigan Teaching Job Search

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As the year winds down and you bring your lead teaching to a close, you may find yourself feeling relieved, yet overwhelmed by the fact that you don’t yet have a paid teaching position lined up for the fall. But don’t worry! In this post, we will run through some of the most effective ways to search open positions and get you on track to becoming a paid Spartan teacher. 

As you may have already realized, many school districts in the state of Michigan post their positions on what are called consortium sites. This is where districts in a county or region post to one community job board. It doesn’t leave much room for you – the job seeker – to “tailor” your application, but using a consortium (like Applitrack) is super helpful for small Michigan school systems.

Looking for jobs on and off consortium sites will seem daunting unless you have a plan.

Follow the steps below to ensure that you search effectively and purposefully.

  1. Create a complete profile for yourself.
  2. Check consortium sites and other websites frequently, if not daily. In Michigan, the most movement on these sites will happen between May and September.
  3.  Complete all applications in a timely manner, don’t wait until last minute. You never know when a position will be taken down due to receiving an alarming number of applicants.
  4. Search for positions on a variety of formats, consortium sites, newspapers, district websites, MySpartanCareer, etc…
  5. Be specific in your search to get the most effective results. Know what you’re qualified to teach!
  6. Don’t narrow down your search area too much. You may need to search outside your zip code.
  7. Don’t forget about charter and private schools. These schools can offer a great opportunity to get your teaching career started.

Below is a compiled list of Michigan consortium sites and other job searching websites we have compiled for you. Please let us know if any links are broken.

Consortium Sheet MI

Other Tips

Michigan teaching positions posted earlier in the season are often given to more senior teachers. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply, just don’t be disappointed if you lose a position to a more experiences teacher. Additional positions will often be posted, even for the same school! It’s also not uncommon for the teaching recruiting season to run a little long. School districts don’t always know their hiring needs right away and thus can’t post openings until the last minute (August or September). Be patient.

If you have a school you’re dying to work for, go visit them. Talk to the administrative staff. Write them an email or letter introducing yourself and expressing your sincere interest. Sub in those schools when you have the time (May and June) to show your commitment.

These are just a few strategies. What other strategies do you have for the job search?

2 thoughts on “Tips for the Michigan Teaching Job Search

  1. You have given wonderful ideas for teachers. It is too important that teacher’s resume should be effective and also their personality should have too good.If we find somewhere for teacher job then firstly we will have to perfect for this purpose.Thanks.


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