How to Incorporate Your Portfolio in an Interview

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As career fair and interviewing season fast approaches, have you thought about how you are going to incorporate your portfolio? We have! Here are some sample questions that may provide you with an opportunity to show off your work.

Utilizing Portfolio in an Interview

We have created a chart (linked above) to help you come up with ways to integrate your portfolio in an interview. By answering specific questions and showing potential employers how you apply your skills in the classroom, you will give them a sense of your teaching personality.

If you have a paper portfolio, make sure that it is well organized and that you will be able to flip to pages quickly and effectively. Also, don’t spend time going through your whole portfolio with the interviewer, pick a few of the most important items and decide how you will integrate them into your answers. It is wise to have copies of items in your portfolio available to hand to the interviewer, but never leave the whole portfolio with them. For example, they may ask for a copy of your reference sheet, a letter of recommendation, or maybe an innovative lesson. Have those ready to go.

Lastly, don’t be afraid if you only have an online portfolio. You can integrate that into an interview as well. Although it takes more forethought, you can show your technological skills on a tablet while showing off your online portfolio. If you don’t have a tablet of your own, you can rent one from the MSU College of Education TIES office. You may want to have a backup plan just in case you cannot access the wifi password or you battery dies. No matter what kind of portfolio you’ve created, have printed copies of your reference sheet, a letter of recommendation, an innovative lesson, and even your resume ready to share if necessary.

How have you utilized your portfolio in an interview? Was it successful?

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