Substitute Teaching as a Foot-in-the-Door

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By October and November of your internship, many of you may have already begun substitute teaching in your classrooms. However, how many of you thought about subbing after your internship is over? If you haven’t, you should. Substitute teaching can be a great way to get your foot-in-the-door in any school districts you are interested in working for. Use that time you have from the end of your internship to the end of the K-12 school year to show off your interest and skills.

Once district staff recognize you and the great work you do, you are more likely to obtain other jobs, including long-term subbing position or even a full time teaching position for the following year. By substitute teaching, you are able to constantly share your teaching skills with fellow educators and administrators, while showing interest in both the students and district overall. Earning a daily wage while working towards a full-time position isn’t half bad either!

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If you don’t know where to start the process of substitute teaching, we would suggest going to the Human Resources page of the district you are interested in teaching. Most districts utilize subbing companies to contract out jobs. Once at the Human Resources site, you will often be referred to whichever company the district uses and you can proceed from there. Be prepared to complete fingerprinting, tax information, as well as an application beforehand. Don’t forget that public, private, and charter schools all need substitute teachers, so contact ALL schools you are interested in working with.

Lastly, once you start working with the school, remember that each day you have the opportunity to encounter someone who could potentially hire you. Dress professionally, communicate skillfully with all staff, and follow the teacher’s plans, and leave a detailed note when you’re done. Even though subbing is temporary, think of every opportunity as a potential interview and a chance to share your skills.

Some of the more popular subbing companies and web addresses are listed on the Online Resources page.

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