Navigating Consortiums

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There is a good chance you’ve never used the word “consortium” until this year, and yet, we bet you’ll find yourself using it multiple times a day. As a teacher on the job hunt in Michigan, checking consortium sites will become, and should become, a daily part of your routine. A consortium serves as a platform on which school districts within an area, usually a county, can post open positions within their various schools. Although not all schools will post their positions within a consortium, these community platforms have become very common practice around the United States, especially here in Michigan using the Applitrack platform (shown below)


Below is our step-by-step plan of how to navigate consortium websites. Although there some of the process will just be trial and error that you will have to experience for yourself, we have tried to simplify the process and provide you with some tips to make your search more effective.

Navigating Consortiums

Lastly, we have provided some best practices for the job search process and compiled a list of consortium sites in our blog post, Tips for the Michigan Teaching Job Search.

Please post below if you have any questions!

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