Spartans Helping Spartans

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Congrats! You are an MSU alumnus once again! Don’t forget, you are part of a VERY strong network of Spartans…not to mention Spartan Teachers. Be proud.

Being an alumni of MSU is quite a privilege. You are now a member of the Alumni Association that can offer some special perks. You can use regional alumni groups to connect with other Spartans in your new “home town.” You can also plan to be an unofficial mentor or Spartan ambassador to help recruit new Spartan Teachers! Future interns would also love to hear from you to share your insight and best practices for finding a first teaching job.

To stay in touch be sure to fill out your Destination Survey, including your most up-to-date email and phone number. We promise we will not solicit you in any way! You should also think about connecting to the MSU Alumni Association Linkedin group as well as the College of Education Linkedin group to keep your ties to MSU strong and to continue to network with other Spartan alums.

The MSU Alumni Career Services Office¬†offers a super helpful and informative blog called “Spartans Helping Spartans” for the whole MSU alumni network. Think of this as a phase two of this blog.

Stay in touch and stay connected.

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