Teaching Virtually

It’s true, not every teacher wants to teach in a traditional classroom. Michigan Virtual School (MVS) offers teaching positions for certified teachers that allows the flexibility of living anywhere while providing new and exciting challenges that wouldn’t be experienced in any other type of teaching experience. The good news is, MVS is looking for 26 new iEducators this May!

About Michigan Virtual Schools  

Michigan Virtual School online instructors provide the most highly distinguished and reputable online learning program throughout the entire state of Michigan. The instructional staff is continually challenged to increase student achievement boasting an 83% achievement record this year. With enrollments escalating to over 24,000 students last year, students select from over 200 quality online courses in which to complete or enrich their education.

The MVS iEducator program augments the full-time and part-time instructional staff in providing high-quality instruction. The two-year iEducator program provides brand new teachers the ability to enhance their skills and refine the art of teaching in an online venue. iEducators are hired as full-time teachers with benefits. At the end of the program, iEducators are assisted in transitioning to face-to-face teaching positions. You can learn more by visiting the MVS website.

iEducator Testimonials

“The iEducator program has focused on implementing new technology into our online classrooms which could also translate to a traditional classroom. We are encouraged to push ourselves to evolve into better 21st century educators.” ~Lauren Nick, 2015 iEducator

“I like the flexibility in the program and all of the professional development opportunities that it provides throughout the year.” ~Deborah Brewbaker, 2015 iEducator

“Through my employment at MVU, I have honed my relationship and effective feedback skills. Every day I am exposed to challenges that help me grow as a professional.” ~Stephanie Pearsall, 2015 iEducator

How to Apply

To apply, please go to http://www.mivhs.org/iEducator and click on the application link on the left hand side of the page. For more information, contact Londa Horton, instructional manager at 517.664.5443 or lhorton@mivu.org.

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