MSU is now using Handshake

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MSU is now using a system called Handshake to share job opportunities with its students and alumni. Be sure to register on Handshake using your MSU Net ID and password to see jobs posted just for Spartan teachers! Psst…today there are over 280 K-12 teaching positions posted.

Navigating Consortiums

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There is a good chance you’ve never used the word “consortium” until this year, and yet, we bet you’ll find yourself using it multiple times a day. As a teacher on the job hunt in Michigan, checking consortium sites will become, and should become, a daily part of your routine. Continue reading

Tips for the Michigan Teaching Job Search

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As the year winds down and you bring your lead teaching to a close, you may find yourself feeling relieved, yet overwhelmed by the fact that you don’t yet have a paid teaching position lined up for the fall. But don’t worry! In this post, we will run through some of the most effective ways to search open positions and get you on track to becoming a paid Spartan teacher.  Continue reading

International Teaching Opportunities

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More and more Spartan teachers are looking abroad for their first teaching opportunity. Did you know that 5% of last year’s interns are now working abroad? That may not seem like a lot to you, but when you think about the commitment of packing up and moving thousands of miles from friends and family, that’s a pretty significant number. Remember, teaching abroad is not always “teaching English abroad.” There are many positions for actual certified teachers.

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